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Have you ever had a 25 lb fat cat man of the house and a 70 lb girl dog who is a scaredy cat? Well here are brother and sissy! Now tell me sissy isn't scared of the little man! Actually, they're really good friends and play together and kiss each other's face at moments when they think no one is looking! Ah such cuties!
Wow you cat has a pretty impressive tummy haha!! I love the bows in your puppy's hair too :)
@galinda I bet your puppy was a cutie too! My other dog prior to this one lived to 18! I hope this girl lives as long!
@kristenadams Thank you!
@kristenadams Yeah he is like a big 25 lb round pumpkin just a huge round belly and fluffy! But so loving! Just like a big baby! The bows in Lacey's ears were cute for all if 5 minutes till she brushed them off! She isn't but so girly! She hates wearing anything! They both have very distinct personalities!
@marshalledgar Thank you!
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