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Bethesda made a very small (which was really also enormous) announcement this week. They will be holding their first-ever E3 showcase in Hollywood, CA on June 14.
Now, the major publishing companies like Ubisoft and EA have had E3 press conference events for years. We have also seen the hardware manufactures (aka Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo) make E3 one of their biggest press conferences of the entire year.
Now with Bethesda on the scene, gamers are speculating and asking questions. If Bethesda really thinks they need a press conference then they must have something big to release, you don't just schedule something this big (for the first time mind you) and not having something massive to announce.
"Hey guys we are making Elder Scrolls Online Free-2-Play now" - I say sarcastically. ESO tanked and the company is looking to spice things up. Bethesda's most recent games include Dishonored, Wolfenstein: The New Order which were both successful in their own right (and a ton of fun to play). However, the big money makers of their franchises are Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Seeing as the last big release from one of those titles was Elders Scrolls Skyrim, we can expect the long (oh, so long) wait for Fallout 4 to be over.
Fallout 3 was majorly successful, but Bethesda developed that game back in 2008. Fallout: New Vegas was release only 5 years ago, but the game was developed by Obsidian and published by Bethesda.
Fallout 3 was THE game to get me hooked on RPGs. I sunk hours and hours into the story, the land, the lore, everything I could get my hands on and understand. I absolutely loved that game, so I am really looking forward to what they have to say come June at E3!
can't wait mates
@noorkhlil Right?! I am too excited
My body. It's ready.
I hope this has something to do with a new Elder Scrolls game that is not online, also is like to state that the biggest issue with making ESO free-to-play is it would be great for those of us who don't want to pay for it, but for those who already have, what a major slap to the face that would be. Regardless I'm excited for this :)
@hunahuna I too played Fallout 3 early on. I also played Fallout 1 & 2 respectively, but they were no match for the third in the series. If it is really going to be a Fallout 4 release then I'm going to be really excited about it!