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Hey everyone! 🙋 I hope everyone is doing great! I been out for a bit wasn't feeling to well! But now with a little TLC I'm feeling better! So today, I made a Valentine's Day inspired lunch/bento! Are you making any special meal for V-day? Lol! (•.^) ❤️ Dumplings: Are made with Peanut butter and Syrup or (hazelnut spread) as always I used Fruit Rolls for the faces. ❤️Next: Cheddar Cheese Star( lil cookie cutter) then Celery with Cream Cheese! ❤️Lastly:Hard Boiled Egg(eyes r fruit roll and beak is cheese) and a peeled Orange. I hope you all have or had a great lunch! 🍱🍴🍛And Thank You so much for taking the time to check out my card! ❤️💗
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its a really cute way to keep your nutrition up... :)
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I love the V-Day theme!!!
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creative and adorable ^-^
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Thank you everyone!
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The little cheese stars might be my favorite part.
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