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In US dollars, this ring was sold at auction in November 2010 for an astonishing $45,623,361. It was offered through Sotheby's Magnificent Jewels in Geneva from a private collection. It weighs in at almost 25 carats set in platinum and considered "potentially flawless" by the GIA after it has been polished.
First purchased in the 1950s by world-famous jeweler, Harry Winston, the stone hadn't been in circulation for more than 60 years. What makes this recent sale so important in the world of jewels is that this pink cushion-shaped diamond has been authenticated by the GIA as "fancy intense pink." Less than 2% of diamonds are graded as such. Even rarer (and much more valuable), are the emerald shape variety such as this.
Take note ladies, when you're looking for a husband, keep in mind his ability to provide you with this. And I'll leave it at that.
Careful, @nixonWoman knows her jewels. LOL Maybe some pink cubic zirconia. I think people would assume the real thing is fake too.
You could probably find something almost identical for under $2500
@darcysdiary, there are no princes left in the world Im afraid. I hope you can find one though.
But truly, @noonmarez, there is no way you could get a ring like this anywhere. Sure, maybe something similar, but put them side by side and there's just no comparison. This is a "flawless" diamond. Like noneother.
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