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“Megara. My friends call me Meg, at least they would if I had any friends.”

OK, we get it, Meg, you're really cool. Your hair is really cool,too, but totally complicated for us cosplayers to conquer!!! These cosplayers totally managed to do it, though!
Korstarfire is too cute as Meg! Still, she manages to give the right attitude. I really like her wig because it's not so stiff that it looks fake; rather, she managed to get a big shape while still keeping it natural. Kudos! Check out her Deviantart!
I can't tell if this is this cosplayers real hair, or if it's just a really naturally styled wig, but it has me totally convinced that she is Megara! The poof is honestly what Meg's hair would probably look like if she wasn't an animated person (and thus not capable of gravity defying hair!)
Another really believable, natural looking wig, and I know this one is a wig because the cosplayer posted an awesome tutorial on how she made the wig. So, if you want to be Megara, and need help crafting the wig, check it out!
Now, if you want the wig to look more gravity defying, try something like this! It's stunning! SoreKage is a Russian cosplayer who did a seriously great job of crafting this wig that sticks out in a way that looks like Megara stepped right out of the movie!
This is a bit of a different take than the traditional Disney Megara! Instead, this cosplay is inspired by a historical drawing of Meg, as she may have looked! I really love that this is actually real looking hair, that you could actually style that way! Or, you could make it as a wig for easy, regular styling :)
@hikaymm For sure! She's more sweet? Though Disney's meg is sweet too, she doesn't show it like this.
The meg in the last one also seems to have a totally different personality than Disney's meg!
@vulpix @amog32 Yes! Her costume and overall look is just stunning.
I also enjoyed the historical version @vulpix. The costume, too, felt more real and natural than what comes out of the movies.
Wow, the last historical meg is stunning! I didn't even think about how she might have really looked--only ever thought of Disney