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I've been searching for bridesmaid dresses without any luck. And you know how Google is, you search for one thing and wind up looking at other things. Not even Pinterest had anything. In my searching, however, I did find this really innovative and useful tool for creating and buying wedding dresses. It's on StasiaBridal.com, which is in my hometown of Chicago! And look at the lace!!!!!! YAY!
In less than 5 seconds on their website I was able to click on "create your own gown" and begin piecing together different looks. Even my mom was blown away from this site! Definitely check this place out. I like it because it allows you to very quickly change things up back and forth without any time at all. Oh, and you don't have to switch to different screens and all that lag time. Ugh, I hate that sort of thing.
Anyway, I was able to create the gown and choose a cool backdrop as well. I wish I was able to change the bouquet in the picture, but that's not a big deal. Just a fun way to make it even more unique. I really liked the pricing feature. After you create your gown it gives you the price of all the pieces so you know the total and what each element cost. How awesome is that?!
Gotta get back to my bridesmaid search. I am interested in something soft and blue with sleeves. Three-quarter sleeves would be perfect. If you have any ideas, please let me know. Comment or write me a note. Thank you! <3
Well, it's not for everyone but it's cool to look at different wedding styles that are more traditional. I'm not going traditional at all for my wedding. I want to do something romantic, unique and fun.
Agreed @darcysdiary if it's your wedding you gotta go all out with glitz and glam
Just tried it. the designs are very wedding-y. Not a bad thing.
Cool site. really straight forward.