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BitTorrent, known to many only as a torrent client through which they download their movies, shows and music of questionable legality, will soon be releasing original series, and supporting other creators who want to release through their system as well.
BitTorrent, based in San Francisco, paired up with Rapid Eye Studios to create "BitTorrent Originals," which will create original content that will then be distributed through BitTorrent's publishing platform, BitTorrent Bundle.
If you haven't heard of BitTorrent Bundle, it's basically BitTorrent's attempt to move it's user base from largely illegal downloads (which, they don't create or directly support and thus cannot be in trouble for) to a legal system of sharing and downloading that is becoming more normal online as paid online content skyrockets. BitTorrent bundles are essentially a way to release content with fans of something (such as an artist or movie) for either an email address, small fee, or nothing at all but your attention. It's a marketing tactic that might actually pick up.
Anyways, BitTorrent plans to market it's original series' through this. There is no word yet on if they will cost anything or not, but the first series called Children of the Machine will begin filming soon. Other creators will be able to use BitTorrent Bundles to release video content as well, and after a period of 30 to 60 days can release on other platforms if they wish.
What do you think of the new craze of online series? Have they caught your attention?
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@drwhat definitely. We'll just have to keep watching.
@greggr Yeah, they're really trying to expand beyond that. @yakwithalan Check it out! It's pretty good. @amog32 I'm not sure either but I guess we'll know soon. I have a feeling it will take a few years of changes on the way we use the internet to really take effect.
Should be interesting. It's still too easy to get things for free, though, especially as a torrent user, so I wonder if anyone will try this.
I haven't checked out any original series online yet. Been meaning to watch orange is the new black, to...
Definitely interesting! I have heard of BitTorrent, but haven't actually used it. I didn't know that these torrent clients were used for more than pirating movies and such, to be honest.