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Tea Length Bridesmaid Dress
Aha! I found the look I want for my bridesmaids! I am so in love with the vintage vibe of this dress. The color is pretty too. Even if you don't like the color, JoJoShops.com can customize the color and a bunch of other things to fit your liking.
My mom doesn't like the sleeveless off-the-shoulder straps. I agree, which is why I would get 3/4 length sleeves to keep it modest. I'd like to see this with something like a shawl or stole. I've seen pictures on Vingle that show these in cashmere, which are so so pretty.
This dress pictured is $360. Probably way too much for my bridesmaids to pay for. Now that I think of it, what is a good price for bridesmaid gowns? I wouldn't want to pay more than $200 to be a bridesmaid. But I feel like the cheaper the cost the uglier the dress. Any good thoughts out there in Vingle land to help a future bride out?
Thank you! <3
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