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Getting swept up in romance means glowing candles, rustic charm, lace and being nestled in the warmth of my beau. That level of warmth and romance is what I want to create with my Tiffany Blue wedding theme. I want to merge the elegance of the theme with the charm of lace and romance.
Do get this fun wedding and lace project done, you only need what you see here:
* Paper lace doilies
* Twine
* Glass candle jar
* Foam wedge brush
* Modge Podge
1. Brush jar Modge Podge.
2. Wrap jar with twine keeping a distance between each strand to let light through.
3. Cut out a piece of the doily that will easily wrap around jar.
4. Brush jar with Modge Podge.
5. Wrap the paper lace doily around jar (and cover with Modge Podge).
6. Let these dry.
what quick and simple project.
I thought it was really cute. It's something that would be great on a window sill on a rainy snowy day