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This new video starring ballet legend Sergei Polunin and directed by pop photographer David LaChapelle is undeniably stunning. The emotional lyrics are perfectly translated into physical movement by Polunin who seems to almost freeze time at moments in this video. Even for people who are not involved in the dance world, this will blow you away!
For a ballet history lesson, Polunin is one of the top dancers in the world. In 2012, at the age of 23, he quit the prestigious British Royal Ballet, where he was the company's youngest principal dancer. He covered his body with tattoos and skipped classes because he felt held back by the strict traditions of the ballet world. He told the BBC, "In a way, I did feel like the artist in me was dying a little bit. I wasn't giving as much of myself and creativity into it, as I should, as I have in me."He now dances with the Stanislavsky Ballet company in Russia, which he claims has helped him grow into an "artist." (Interview attached)
I absolutely love this! :,) it takes so much heart and courage to turn away to follow what your heart desires
This was hypnotizing!
A rebel ballerina? Sounds like he's pretty rad haha
Whoa this is stunning! I know nothing about ballet but I could really feel the emotion in every move!