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This is a spoiler from one of the my fave review/ blog site, koalasplayground. Thanks you very much. Here's the link and enjoy reading! Source: http://koalasplayground.com/2012/11/05/spoilers-for-the-upcoming-episode-17-of-nice-guy/ So the big spoiler from some new fan snapped pictures confirms something that has been circulating for a few weeks now, which is that Eun Gi is going to get revenge on Jae Hee now that she’s regained her memory. And she’s going to use Maru. As we can see from the spoiler pics above, Maru is picking out a ring at the jewelers, and then we see Jae Hee wearing a formal hanbok in a large wedding hall. There will be an upcoming wedding between Maru and Eun Gi. I don’t know if it’s a wedding in name only, but my guess is Maru will be going into with his eyes wide open, knowing that Eun Gi is using him and allowing her to. I wonder if everyone’s anticipated consummation of their relationship will involve an angry and scheming wedding night? I don’t know how my poor heart can take this much longer. © 2012, ockoala. All rights reserved.
hahahaha... yah!
Thanks for this
I wonder if neaa can take this as well.. Oppa, do your best! we will cheer you :D