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Inspired by @kpopandkimchi's quiz about What Boy Band Concept Are You, I wanted to make a girl group version! Instead of concepts though, I'm just going by specific groups :)
1. Pick an animal a) Dolphin b) Cat c) Dog d) Snake e) Kangaroo f) Flamingo 2. Pick a color a) Blue b) Black c) Pink d) Red e) Yellow f) Purple 3. Pick a flavor a) Pina Colada b) Chocolate c) Vanilla d) Rocky Road e) Chocolate Chip f) Strawberry 4. Pick a magic power a) See through walls b) Invisibility c) Grant 3 wishes d) Read minds e) Time travel f) Hypnotize 5. Pick a job a) Ice cream truck driver b) Spy c) Flight attendant d) Race car driver e) Dancer f) Car washer

Mostly A's - Rainbow!

You're fun and colorful and it is always summer where you are. You brighten up the room whenever you walk in!

Mostly B's - AOA!

You are super sassy and use it to your advantage. You know what you want and you know how to get it!

Mostly C's - Girl’s Generation

You're super sweet and caring and love the simple things in life. Some people might mistake your sweetness for you being a push-over but you are actually a super confident, powerful human being!

Mostly D's - F(x)

You've always been a little bit weird - in a good way. You love to question what is 'normal' and always have an interesting take on the little things in life. You look at life differently than most.

Mostly E's - Secret

You are super kooky and always fun to be around. You always have your head in the clouds and a catchy tune stuck in your head. You dance more than you walk!

Mostly F's - Girl's Day

You are always a surprise. One day you are sassy and strong and the next you are super sweet and innocent. You totally have a spilt personality and that is what makes you so magnetic!
hehehehehehe I like chameleons~ I'll go with that! ^.^ thanks
@XiaoKaiTian @adikiller you're chameleons 0.0
I got one of EACH. Who am I? :'(
I got AOA~ yay!
you're welcome :) @XiaoKaiTian
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