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This is such a pretty bridesmaid dress! I am in love. Not only that, but I'd even love this as my bridal gown! Even that cute tulle bow along the waist is adorable. There's a sweetness to the solid band at the hem. It looks like satin.
Reasonably priced, this dress costs $230, which is a lot less than another dress I was looking at. The product listing doesn't specify the fabric or finish. It looks like satin and tulle. Not sure though.
Any other brides looking at this for their bridesmaids? I got this from JoJoShops.com. There are tons of beautiful dresses there and for all occasions too.
I like the color of the dress behind her.
Oh I know. it's pretty but my theme is Tiffany Blue, so it's got to be either white or blue. Can't be pink. But it is pretty too.
you pick out and post pretty dresses @daniachicago.
Sweet of you to say that @marshalledgar. I just like to share what I like.
I love this color. It's so retro.