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Don't roll your eyes at me, Miss Nicki Minaj, I'm trying to help you!
#1 Mistake when buying wedding invitations:
Assuming your store-bought invitations could be printed at a print shop.
Places like FedEx Office (formerly Kinkos), Office Depot, Office Max, Sir Speedy and Staples will not print them for a variety of reasons. Mainly, however, it's because the commercial machinery isn't able to print on paper that:
* is not a standard sheet of paper such as letter, legal and tabloid
* contains mylar
* is perforated
* is scored
* is embossed
* is engraved
* is die-cut
* is folded
* contains appliques
* contains adhesives
* contains eyelets or metal grommets
* is an envelope
Don't make a fool of yourself driving around from print shop to print shop searching for someone to print them. They won't. Invitations such as those you buy at Target, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, etc., are made to be printed through ink and laser jet home-office printers--the kind you can get for $140 at an office supply store.
Don't believe the lie that print shops only want your money, and therefore, will only print on their stock, etc. If you want to partner with a local print shop to do the printing, then you need to first find out what your limitations and options are with them.
More splendid wedding invitation mistakes to come....
I won't be making this mistake. Good tip
That petulant grimace on her face is priceless!!
@noonmarez you're very welcome.
its perfect
Oh my gosh. I had no clue this was true. This isn't a joke, right? lol I'm going to have my invites done for me so I don't have to worry about this. But good to know. Thanks @marshalledgar