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Want to know how to make your own colored-eyeliner? And creating the perfect smokey eye in 2 minutes? Read on to learn how you can spend less time and money on looking fabulous!
You don't need to invest in another colored eyeliners with this tricks. Try it out with dark metallic eye shadow for a party-ready eye makeup.
Look what social media taught us? Hashtag your way to a perfect smokey eye!
Just ran out of eyeliner? Take out your mascara wand and run your liner brush through the gel. Ta-da! Say hello to your new gel eyeliner.
The truth is, sometimes erasing mistakes is easier than trying to nail it the first time.
Tip: Line the first 3/4 quarter of your las line with a white eyeliner. Then using a darker eyeliner, line the outside corner of your eye moving toward the middle of your eye and stop halfway. Finally, grab a sponge brush and begin blending the middle section where the two colors overlap.
Didn't have time to trim or fix up your brows? Use a white liner below and above your eyebrows and smudge it out with a sponge brush to define your brows.
I love the hashtag trick!
Been using the hashtag for a while now and it works perfect all the time for me :)
Genius! Would have never known mascara can be so useful.
Okay, some of these are pure genius!
Hey, the instant eye lift is cool!