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Q: There's a guy that has worked in the same office as more for about a year now, and while we are sort of "co-worker close," we haven't talked much beyond small talk and work related conversation. We aren't in the same department, but he seems to be shy around girls, and he doesn't know me that well, but when I talk to him I just get a feeling that there is, or could be, something there. If we're standing next to each other, it can be kinda awkward though, because I'm not sure what to think of him or anything? I need to know how to figure out if he likes me, if he does, does he notice me, too?
NOTE: I received this question from someone :) Leave your advice for them in the comments. Let's help her out!
I know what you mean. My first husband was a drab mistake. I met him at work. I'd never make that kind of mistake again.
@danidee That's a good idea!! Casual, but also not so much that it'd make it awkward if he's not into you!
Does your company have a lot of social events outside of the workplace? I would probably wait until one of those to really talk to him. Maybe invite him to a cafe or a bar or some other place after with a small group of other co-workers, and then the next week at work, you can be like "I had a lot of fun! Let's hang out again sometime soon!" (Hint cough cough hint hint hint wheeze.)
Uhhhhh I doni't know if I were you I'd probably just keep kind of lurking hahahaha
Work place romance can be too weird!!! Lol. I'd say just hang out more at work for now and if you get serious hints, then consider going after him!
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