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There have always been rumors about a power-couple album, but now it looks like 2015 is finally the year!
At the Grammy's, reporters were able to catch up with producer Detail to ask him about what this year has in store for the music world.
"I'm working with a couple of new projects that I don't want to unveil, and then me and Beyonce and Jay Z are actually doing something together this year," said Detail, who produced the couple's 'Drunk in Love.'
It sounds like that 'something' is a full album, with the possibility of a single, if not the entire LP, to be dropped before the year is out!
Who doesn't want more Bey & Jay?!?!?
@bittie they've been together for forever!
I though the were not together
I need me some new workout material! Get on it J&B!
I'll honestly take ANYTHING new from Bey. She keeps pumping out awesome music!
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