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Depending on your hair length, ombré hair coloring at a salon can range between $70 - $200. But good news! If this is out of your budget, you can learn how to perfect at-home ombre dye. It will cost you less than $20! If you think it's worth a try, the instructions are below!
1. 20 Volume Peroxide
2. toothbrush
3. Packet of Powdered Bleach
4. Mixing Bowl
5. Pair of latex gloves


1. In the mixing bowl, mix 2 ounces of 20 volume peroxide and 1 packet of powdered bleach until blended. (Note: Do this in a well-ventilated area!)

2. Separate your hair into four sections. Then put on the latex gloves.

3. Put some of the bleach mixture (about amount of toothpaste you'd use) onto the toothbrush. Starting at the ends of the hair, begin brushing the bleach on in a downward motion.

4. Continue the process gradually going further up on your strands. Once you’ve gone up as far as you want on your hair to start getting lighter, move on to the next section of hair.

5. Remember it doesn't need to be even all the way around as long as the left and right sides of your head have ombre starting at about the same place on your hair on both sides.

6. Once all necessary sections are bleached, go back over the tips with a little more bleach so that the ends are lighter than the rest of the hair.

7. Leave it on for 10-12 minutes. You should keep an eye on your hair and how light it’s getting, and judge how long you keep the bleach on by how light you want your hair to come out.

8. Once you’re ready, wash your hair with a sulfate free shampoo and use a leave-in conditioner, paying particular attention to the ends. Style as usual!

@madeleine this happens all the time with me but I don't want to change my hair color too often. It can damage the strand. @iluvdurian 31 It's definitely cheaper.
@HairConfetti After reading this...I'm tempted to highlight my hair this week.
Maybe I'll do this. I really wanted to try ombre but the salons here are ridiculously expensive!
Don't even remember when is the last time I got my hair highlighted. I remember couple years ago it was all about streaks.
10 times cheaper! I think it's worth a try (although I am a bit afraid to fail).
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