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Learn some more about how to predict the weather using some tricks taught to us by the Redneck Archaeologist (seriously).
Though his name may sound silly, he has some good tips! Pay attention to:
- Ring around the moon (read more about this here)
- How low a bird is flying: High in the air means clear; low means bad weather is coming.
- Birds land and huddle together, bad weather and cold weather is coming. Often happens the day before.
- Squirrels gather food 1-2 days before.
- Leaves on trees crinkle and curl before rain. Trees do this to help funnel the water. Different trees and bushes might do different things depending on the weather. Normal rain is just a little bit of crinkling, but ahead of bigger storms might cause heavier drooping or crinkling.
Huh! I never thought of looking at the leaves before. I've checked the birds before, but not the leaves.
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I love that he calls himself the redneck archaeologist
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So cool! I wish I had his kind of wisdom.
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Very, very helpful--I also only knew about the birds!
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Glad it helped everyone!
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