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Take your boring out-of-the-box wedding invitation (that you got at Hobby Lobby's 50% Off Sale), and make them sing. But here are the rules: it's gotta be cheap, easy and fast. And by fast I mean that the project should take only a few hours.
I've made these before plenty of times using the method shown here from Jessica Bishop from This is a fun and easy project that you and your girlfriends can do over an afternoon. And with men seemingly more and more interested in the gory details of planning a wedding, this is a perfect project for him to do. Put him to work!
If creating liners for all of your stationery needs, including birthdays, holidays, and of course, your wedding, then you may want to simply invest in the $11 envelope liner kit from Paper Source. Then again, where's the fun in that when you can make your own from cardboard or chip board?!
When it comes to finding the perfect paper, you need to browse around Paper Source because they have the largest selection of papers to choose from that I have found. They carry prints, solids, metals and textures. No one has more Japanese and Italian papers than Paper Source. Papyrus would be my next suggestion, though, there selection is very limited.
The tools you need to create your own template include:
* Ruler
* X-acto blade
* Chip board (or thin cardboard)
* Black marker
* Pencil
* Cutting mat
The tools you need to make the envelope liners include:
* Double-sided tape (and dispenser)
* X-acto blade
* Cutting mat
* Paper (that you are using to line the envelopes)
Directions to make the template:
1. Un-flap an envelope (that you want to line) and trace onto chip board.
2. Using your X-acto blade and straight edge (ruler), carefully trim out chip board template.
3. Label the template with the marker indicating the size of envelope the it is compatible with.
4. Using your X-acto blade and straight edge, carefully trim 1/8" from both sides and 3/4" from the bottom.
Directions to make the liner:
1. Place template onto the wrong side of the liner paper (right side of paper face down).
2. Using your X-acto blade and straight edge, carefully trim out liner.
3. Use your double-sided tape dispenser, glide the adhesive along the two flap edges of the liner.
4. Insert the liner into the envelope and apply gentle pressure to adhere the liner flap to the envelope flap. (Make sure the liner does not cross over the envelope dry adhesive seal.)
Tip: Do not use craft glues or other wet adhesives for this project. The glue can buckle and become detached from the envelope over time and due to climate and humidity. Not a cute problem to have, especially for a wedding invitation.
I looked this up and can't believe my mom has been to Paper Source but didn't tell me. OMG!
I used to do this a long time ago when I was a kid. It was a lot of fun. The materials have been updated, i see. I'd do this again. Maybe this weekend. thanks for this @marshalledgar
which one @noonmarez? there's a couple there. I love that place. Chicago's a great city too
This place is in Chicago. I've been there when I visitied my family.