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Ever try drawing your own tattoo using a fine tip ink pen? I used to do this all the time during boring classes and when I wanted a temporary tattoo. I recently browse around Tattly and found some adorable v-day designs I want to try illustrating myself. Even if you're not an artist, these are simple enough to recreate.
This is the simplest one and it's adorable on fingers, back side of the wrist, and back of neck. Tip: You can add some use a lip gloss to glide to make it shimmery!
This "Love" calligraphy is one of my favorite and this would look good on the wrist or behind your neck.
Let out whatever's in your heart with this trio design. Don't you agree the expressions are too cute. Tip: I would do this with acrylic paint because it's hard to overlay the with a fine tip ink pen.
If you're an artist, this is a cute one to recreate or you can purchase it here.
Lastly, if you have the time and patience this floral design would look gorgeous on the front palm or upper arm.
The love lettering is simple and I like how classy it look.
These are really cute! I should seek an artist friend to draw one on me hahaha