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Park Shin Hye makes a cameo appearance on The King of Dramas Park Shin Hye made a cameo appearance in the episode of SBS TV’s new drama series The King of Dramas that aired on November 5. She plays the role of a lead actress in Graceful Revenge, a drama series in the drama series. Park was asked to appear in the series shortly by director Hong Sung Chang. Hong directed the drama series You’re Beautiful, in which Park played the lead role of Go Mi Nam. Park has become a popular celebrity in Japan, China, and Taiwan with the series. In the series The King of Dramas, Park appears as an actress, who shouts at an actor who drools while dozing off during a shooting. Viewers responded: “I was surprised by Park Shin Hye’s appearance.” “Is she really Park Shin Hye? Her acting was so realistic.” 4HIM Entertainment, Park’s agency, says, “It was a short shooting, but Park Shin Hye had a great time shooting it with Hong Sung Chang. The scene she shot was a comical one, so she really enjoyed shooting it.
me too.. i loved her as go minam!!!!'re so cute!
She is really so pretty.. I want to watch this