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Vaccinate Your Dog Before Hiking!
If you're going to take a dog hiking, you should make sure that he is in the fittest condition he can be for being outdoors a lot! And part of that is to make sure he's appropriately vaccinated.
- Make sure your dogs' vaccines are up to date
- Does your area have Lyme disease problems? Make sure to get a Lyme disease vaccine.
- A de-worm medication can be good if giardia is prevalent in the area. It can help.
- If you don't want to over-vaccinate, don't worry about de-worming. Instead, be extra careful to filter all water before the dog drinks it.
Beyond that, check that your dog is wearing a rabies tag, has your contact info on her, and is free of any open wounds that are partial to infection!
Good tips! If you're gonna have your dog outside you need to make sure they're safe :)
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Are vaccines dangerous to dogs?
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@happyrock Over vaccinating is dangerous to anyone.
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@happyrock @yakwithalan Yeah they can have negative effects just like human vaccines but they haven't been as extensively studied.
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