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What you see is love. When a Southern bride was to wed in Kansas City, far from home, she knew she wanted something more than special; she wanted something that was quintessential to the South. Her mom agreed and blessed her daughter with a hand-picked fresh cotton bridal bouquet.
Brides need to know that it's okay to stray from the beaten path and do something that YOU want. I can't tell what's more awesome--the fact that the bride was daring enough to walk the aisle outside of floral tradition, or that her mom was so sweet to walk out and pick the cotton herself.
Did anyone notice the henna on her wrist? How elegant and unexpected is that?! More and more I am vibing with weddings that are not cookie-cutter in their designs, traditions, and execution.
I just discovered ring warming ceremonials at a wedding that I want to write about next because it gave me chills (IN A VERY GOOD WAY!).
I like @noonmarez idea about making it more glamorous.
such a neat idea. maybe add some glitz and glam to it with rhinestones and it would be so pretty
You can have these ordered from a florist @darcysdiary. Be sure to be specific about whether or not you want them pressed (open) or not. Keep in mind that "French Cotton" comes closed. Standard Cotton comes open.
This is really unique.
Agreed @noonmarez Etsy has some shops that will add beautiful brooches to bouquets.
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