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I never knew there was a wrong way and right way to peel these fruits?! I guess you learn something new everyday... - This is for you sis, @MasariDaniela
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I feel like you'd need the perfect shaped cup to get this to work!!! I actually eat kiwi skin most of the time lol but this would work, too!
I love hearing British people say mangoes.
@danidee I love that THAT'S what we learned from this video :P (but seriously, me too)
@onesmile ehhh? I never knew you could eat the skin? I mean, the thought never occurred to me, lolz!! @danidee I love ppl who speaks British period!! (*_*)
@cheerfulcallie Yep!! You totally can :) the texture can be kind of weird to get used to at first, but it's fine to eat :)