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Its here the preview for tomorrow's EP! cr to the source. The Translation from youtube user name veronicas1306 : EG : Jae hee, please help me mom, help me to prepare the wedding. JH : Eun Gi came in , i will tell her everythings MR : if someone know about our relationship, who will be hurt? LS Ahn : anyone around you can hurt you anytimes, jae hee. and no one know who will do it.. MR : after we got married, please stay well and respect this happyness! EG : lier ! MR : Eun Gi, you 're back!
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they'll both love each other and deided to get maried cause of love. The episode later will be interesting..
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@neaa she had written under a sketch of Maru that “he’s a nice guy that cannot be found anywhere else in this world.” so when maru saw he paper crumpled he looks so sad and conclude that eun gi is back
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it's tonight guys!! i'm getting negative vibes.... please no sad ending
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noo!! Be optimistic. T^T
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it's very difficult being optimistic
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