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Shocking footage shows the moment a driver rams into a motorbike that overtook him at high speed, sending the biker out of control and sliding along the motorway. The video, taken from a camera inside the car that rammed the biker, then shows the driver stop, get out his car and check the front for damage. In the distance the motorcyclist can be seen lying on the floor, trying to get up.
Thats what happens when you brake check 1 and a half ton vehicle. Cars dont stop on a dime especially at highway speeds. I see it all the time these people on bikes think they can just drive however they want. And hell yea I'd check my car first also.
also you can't assume he waited a while to pass. there is literally 0 evidence of that and even if he did, he made stupid decisions once he was free to just go at his own pace.
Another left lane hog.
I would not want to be in his shoes when he goes to court. Ramming a motorcycle from behind is a BIG NO NO!!! The motorcyclist's Lawyer will love this case. There is potentially A LOT of money in this case, if the car/ truck driver is at fault. Notice that the truck drivers pulled over from the other side of the highway, I guess to give aid.
Wow, the car driver really needs to get a bullet in his head. He blocked the passing lane, then refused to let off his gas when the idiot motorcycle rider placed himself in an unsafe spot. Then the driver gets out and checks his car for damage while the guy he intentionally hit is laying half dead in the road?? Are you fucking kidding me??? If I had seen this happen I would have run down that balding piece of shit right in the road and then went and checked on the motorcyclist. I hope he gets what is coming to him! Get the fuck out of the passing lane stupid!!!!
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