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Shocking footage shows the moment a driver rams into a motorbike that overtook him at high speed, sending the biker out of control and sliding along the motorway. The video, taken from a camera inside the car that rammed the biker, then shows the driver stop, get out his car and check the front for damage. In the distance the motorcyclist can be seen lying on the floor, trying to get up.
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Doesn't really matter who started it, the biggest take away (as I see it), if someone is acting like a dip shit, and you must prove your point by acting like a dip shit, expect someone to get hurt...
On the car driver. That's about the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Hogging the left lane or not it take a total moron to break check a car from a motorcycle and just as big a moron to blame it on the car. Hey, idiot biker! Out of the gene pool.
when stupid meets stupid! both in the wrong! dip$hit with the dash cam should not be in the passing lane, and dip$hit on the bike, well speaks for itself! wish speedcops would ticket left lane riders more often!
really some of you saying it was the cars fault coz hes in the fast lane he passed a bus and 2 cars and there was a truck coming up on right driving slow you people are fucking dumb the bike passed him and slowed the went fast then hit the brakes they need to take his bike from him and its this kind of shit saying it was the cars that need to look out for bikes when its the people on bikes most of the time that drive like ass holes
Some people try to kill motorcyclist, motorcyclist are aware of that with experience. WTF were people thinking. Suicide by car.