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Martyn Ashton refuses to be stopped! Even after his devastating injury that left him paralyzed, he still is on wheels! He took a Batec Mobility Scooter for a spin, and I must say it's great seeing him ride around on rubber again!
He was getting air, ripping around on this contraption. The Batec is front wheel powered drive, so Martyn doesn't need to pedal to keep moving!
You know what I'd love to see from Martyn now that would be a nice tribute to his ever popular Road Bike Party? Wheelchair Party
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This is great to see, good for him
3 years ago·Reply
Man it's great to see him having fun and smiling again
3 years ago·Reply
@TeamWaffles @troygreene84 It did make me smile, glad you guys like it
3 years ago·Reply