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A Pennsylvanian bicyclist, Frank Pavlick, was traveling in the right hand lane going over the Fahy Bridge in Bethlehem. Frank was following all the rules of the road when he was hit from behind by a 17-year-old driver.
Thankfully, Frank wasn't seriously injured in the crash, especially considering the extensive damage to his bike. Unfortunately, the teenage motorist decided they didn't want to wait around...
The Bethlehem Police describe what happened next:
The driver of the LANTA bus, identified as Richard Gubish, Jr., saw the crash in his rear view mirror and also saw the driver attempting to get away. Mr. Gubish took immediate and decisive action and positioned his bus across the lanes of the bridge, effectively blocking the path of the getaway driver. Another witness to the crash, Judson Smull, stopped to render aid to the injured Pavlick, who implored Smull to go after the offending driver to get the license plate. Smull also took immediate action, and following the lead of Mr. Gubish, positioned his car directly behind the offending vehicle, further blocking any attempt to escape.
Justice was served on behalf of the bicyclist, and faith in humanity restored on behalf of that bus driver.
Props to the bus driver that guy was an alert driver!
Wow, incredible bus driver!
@TeamWaffles Good news all around
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