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If you ever notice redness on your face that never seem to goes away entirely, you may have rosacea. It's generally connect with genetics and sun damages. The flushing may come and go and can last for hours (depending on skin condition). If the condition is left untreated, broken capillaries and red bumps can crop up. This is why you should learn how to identify the symptoms and properly care for it.


Mild Rosacea: Constant redness on cheeks and nose that worsens under some circumstances.
Moderate Rosacea: Patches of red with scattered broken capillaries.
Severe Rosacea: Persistent redness with acne-like bumps.

Skin Care Tips:

Easy fixes include exercising in an air-conditioned room, cutting out spicy foods, and keeping steam off your face. You want to do whatever it takes to keep skin cool. Use products made for sensitive skin, with ingredients that hydrate, soothe, and strengthen the skin's protective moisture barrier. Home Remedies:
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I had this when I was a kid and my dad use to tease me "Hello, Miss Tomatao." lol
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@madeleine Aww...he probably thinks it's cute.
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Hahaha that's cute @madeleine. Hope you got it treated though ;)
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It can also be caused by allergies too
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I'm allergic to benzoyl peroxide so I can use anything that contains that ingredient or my face will flare up like crazy!
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