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Unless you have been completely oblivious to gaming news, you have probably heard one thing or another about the #GamerGate movement. It is difficult to boil down this dispute as there were many different points of conflict among either side of the debate.
I'll attempt to give you a very brief synopsis of either side. The anti-gamergate movement started as a feminist movement in video games with the core argument that women are misrepresented in the video game industry and poorly portrayed as video game characters themselves. The pro-gamergate movement began as a backlash to accusations of cronyism and collusion within video game journalism and indie video game development.
Enter Law & Order: SVU. If you have seen the show before (and if you haven't you really should) you will notice that they often tackle contemporary movements and trends in society, often hilariously and inaccurately.
On this "controversial" episode of SVU, the show takes on how anti-GG journalists and activists portrayed people on the pro-gamergate side. The portrayal was as misogynistic, white cis male terrorists who can't stand having women in the gaming industry.
The episode is almost too corny to watch, but I added a supercut of all the best parts of the episode above.
Now, I haven't even talked about the most ridiculous part of this whole scenario. If we back track a bit you may remember that a large majority of game journalism sites said gamers are dead (20+ articles written on the same day). They cursed the misogynistic male gamers for ruining gaming. This was the general theme of the #gamergate fiasco a few months ago.
Now Law & Order: SVU depicted gamers very much like how the video game journalists did, as misogynistic, white cis male terrorists. And what did video game journalists have to say? I'll quote the Kotaku article I linked on the first picture:
"It's corny, terrifying shlock that demonizes hardcore gamers."
My expression is very similar to Ice-T's right now. I don't know what to say. The whole gamergate controversy has put a very negative spin on hardcore gamers for a long time. Now a TV show makes a mockery of their argument (either intentionally or unintentionally) and everyone thinks it's insane?
I guess I understand now. Anti-gamergate was a widely popular side to be one, and it was a lot safer too. Now, anti-SVU episode is the popular side to be on, and probably a lot safer. When it comes down to it, I think they just want to be liked so they keep their jobs.
But in all seriousness the whole argument is about as annoying and blown out of proportion as the made up scenario in the Law and Order episode
#I'vehadenoughofthis. #pleasemakeitstop
@hunahuna I know this conversation should be dead by now, hahaha. It makes sense though, that's journalism for you. You talk about what is hot at the moment
@RobynSecor You're not wrong! Lol
I've got to be honest, that episode was hilarious