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Not everything is about wearing pretty dresses and drinking from fancy goblets. Ladies need to man up to the bar once in a while and enjoy an amaretto B57. Shot after shot, it's my go-to when I'm in the mood to have a great time. It's also the best pairing with Etro's 2014/5 Fall/Winter Collection.
If you're a woman and you're drinking in the company of men--and women too--then you need to really address the wardrobe situation. You know you're in trouble when there isn't a question in your mind about what to wear. Stop turning to your classics for every damn event. Yes--drinking is an event. The least you can do is make an effort to look your best at the bar. Nothing attractive about a disheveled woman with an alcoholic beverage in her hand. Have some class ladies.
Etro's 2014/5 Fall/Winter Collection is the perfect inspiration for the B57. This season get your manish pants and blouse on the feminine side of things with dark neutrals. Include some bold metal jewelry like Bulgari's Parentesi large 18k yellow gold ring. Keep your makeup effortless with Mac's classic line of nude Lipglass.
haha Get your nose out of the menu @marshalledgar. Talk to the bartenders. They will make anything you want. Feeling spicy? Ask them to make you a bloodymary. Whatever.
I know I rarely drink. So when I do, I never think to order shots either. Probably because I only see pictures of drinks in glasses on the menu.
The makeup on the models is really good. I like that look. It's so simple and edgy without a ton of makeup.
Oh boy. This one sounds right up my alley. I've never mixed anything with cognac before though!
I'm guilty too @marshalledgar don't feel bad.
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