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When did you become such a shitty person? The day I found out i had nothing much to give. When were you ever a good person? When I knew what love was. When did you learn to love? When she let me know how much she cared. When was the day you lost it. The day I lost the love of my life. How far are you willing to go? As far as the eye can see. I'd bend over backwards just to make things right, I'd go out if my way to put the pieces where they belong, I'd go to the edge of the world just so i could sit next to her, I'd be everything that she said i wasn't to show her that love is a powerful thing. How many times have you cried since the day? How do you cry? What do you mean, "How do you cry?" Like what makes you cry after shedding so many tears you feel that there is none left? Sidney, there is more to it than just sadness. I know, but it's all i feel as of today. Why do you feel that way? After today, i feel as if though, i'm the bad guy and i'm realizing how true that is. But are you really the bad guy? They're my feelings, so yes, i do. Why put yourself in that position? Why put myself in this position? Why? because of all the times i had let her down, of all the times i hurt her, of all the FUCKING times i chose to not notice her compassion and love, i feel like i need to put myself in that position. You see i loved her, she loved me, but i put her through so much, i made her feel as if things were only about me, i never wanted it to be that way, i never wanted to be the one to admit he was the bad guy but it had to happen. I'm sorry.