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When you can't go to Katsucon...
watch videos of past years of Katsucon!!! This is one of my favorites: it does a good job of showcasing the Gaylord, which is honestly the best con location, and the awesome cosplays that are always at Katsucon! Enjoy! I can't wait to see this years' videos!
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Nice!!! @somnia update with some from this year if you find them, I'm always so late.
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That's the best fix--I didn't watch them over the weekend but I'll watch all the new ones as they com eout.
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@vulpix But wait I saw you just started a colleciton about them XD lol!!!
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@Somnia LOL yeah no I am going to make a cosplay for them! I left that comment before I decided that I should look them up myself for once, haha!!
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