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I've seen so many Valentine's themed videos this week, and this one seriously managed to top them all! I love Hanna Harto, she cracks me up, and her cooking a "single" pringle for us single people in the world who just need to love ourselves is hilarious!
So, learn to make your own Single Pringle for this Valentine's Day: because you deserve to treat yourself!
@fallingwater Let me know if they really do taste good ;) love her or not, I don't trust drunk harto's taste buds
@inthekitchen Totally agree!!! She would be fun to cook with, even if the result might be somewhat disastrous lol! @ChristinaBryce I didn't get a chance to yet, but I want to!
@fallingwater did you try it?
@inthekitchen LOL I was thinking the same thing!!! just wing it.....riiiigghhtt? Anyways, I totally want to try the single pringle! Seems like it tasted pretty good :)
"It helps if you shout the measurement at it as you pour it in" <-- this is exactly how I 'eyeball' my ingredients hahahaa
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