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Hey guys. I'm going to be buying the arbiter dk soon but i still can't decide what trucks to get. I really want to get into a little more of a street skate style with this board (jumps, bowls, rails and such) but still want to cruise around and freeride hills at the same time. I've been thinking about caliber 2's or atlas'.Any ideas are appreciated! thanks guys!
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definitely a good choice to go with is the the indy 169's you're gonna want a traditional kingpin with a wider axles so that or the 150s
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Indy 169s for sure @ApolloSkating
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Indipendant hosoi addition
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both cal 2 and atlas would be really heavyand may have the kingpin exposed
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You've named two completely different styles so I'd say go with traditional trucks because Sergio Yuppi freerides them just fine and we know they're good for freestlye. But I don't think any RKP truck lends itself well to grinding
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