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Okay, maybe not ALL, but plenty of girls need to lay off the soapy shampoo every day. Don't you know how bad that is? Think of all the damage this causes. I'm not advocating an anti-hygienic lifestyle either. While you can spend $20 at Ulta for a can of Bed Head dry shampoo, why not just make it yourself using stuff YOU ALREADY have in the house?! It's FREE this way.
This is a no-nonsense 1-2-3 DIY to get the same effect as name brand dry shampoos. And I'm gonna lean on my girl Sofia from SofiaStyle on Youtube to show you how it's done:
Directions to make dry shampoo:
1. Combine 1/4 cup of cornstarch and 1 Tbsp of baking soda into your container using a paper funnel.
2. Add 2 Tbsp your desired color tint of either unsweetened cocoa powder or cinnamon powder. (Not recommended for blond hair.)
3. Screw container cap on and close it and shake to thoroughly combine all ingredients.
Directions to use dry shampoo:
1. Open cap to your container and gently sift your custom-made dry shampoo only your scalp where your oils tend to collect.
2. Using your fingers, massage dry shampoo into scalp.
3. Gently comb through your hair from the scalp to the tips of your hair. Best to do this with a wooden tooth comb.
I hope you love making this as much as I did. More than that, however, I hope you are able to get some great use out of this in between your shampoo days, which we all know should not be done daily.
Let me know if you made it and how it turned out. Love to get your feedback.
Thanks! <3
Really cool! I need stop buying hair products and make them myself.
I've used dry shampoo from Walgreen's and it worked fine. Haven't made it myself. Willing to give it a shot.
was just at CVS and saw this. and wondered if dry shampoo really works. cool hack.
The last time I tried dry shampoo (from Dove) it wasn't a good experience. It left my hair feeling heavy and sticky. Has anyone tried this DIY?
Do it @alise! It's soooo easy. And fun. I spend way too much on beauty. UGH!