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I've been an Opera and Chrome user for as long as I remember. I switch between the two for different purposes - Opera for writing and generally web browsing and Chrome for web development and UI design.
- Opera has features such as note-taking side tab, Opera Turbo (for quick browser on slow connection), extensions, and discover feature (that helps me find interesting contents). - Chrome offers a developer tool that helps me debug front-end coding and ad-block extensions that can keep distracting popups out of my sight.
However, none of the two solve my "too many tabs" syndrome. Within an hour of browsing the web I can open up to 12 tabs in one window (some of you might already be overwhelmed by this number). So, I was excited when I came across Vivaldi, a new browser that was created to improve user efficiency and productivity. It also integrated a few features that no browser has. One important note, I felt like it was specifically made for tab lovers. I review and shared some screenshots (below) to explain why.

Built-in Notes Tab

This was my favorite function on Opera and I was excited to see this feature in Vivaldi. In addition, they took this tool to the next level by allowing users to take any screenshots and have it appear on the notes tab for easy view and access (doesn't it remind you of Evernote?).

Tab Stacks

Here's the goody. The struggle of trying to fit all your pages and tabs into Chrome is gone. Instead of lining them up across the top, you can stack your tabs on top of each other and organize them into groups. It makes search for content so much easier. Here's a personal tip: You can organize the tabs into related topics.

Quick Commands

Loving browsing the internet with just the keyboard? You can use quick commands to do most of your browsing and searching (history, tabs, bookmarks) and the best part - the commands are customisable.
The Verdict: I really love this new browser and I just started using it couple of hours ago. It combine the two features I used most on Chrome and Opera into one smart browser. In addition, the design is also very sleek. I did some research and it seems like they're working on other efficiency features that will integrate a mail system and spatial navigation.
So, if you want to solve your tab problem you might want to give this browser a try. Let me know how you like it!
I was wondering why such browser hasn't come out. It gets so confusing with so many tabs and I accidentally close them sometimes. I will check this out. Thanks!
The browser name reminds me of the musician Vivaldi. I wonder if they're inspired by him. Anyways, I really like the built-in-notes function!