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This is a question I wish I didn't need to ask, but here it is: are our police officers being properly trained to handle high stress situations that they must encounter daily? We've heard about the accidental injuries and deaths of people at police hands more and more over the past few months as this issue becomes more prevalent in mainstream media. We heard about protesters, who are doing so peacefully, being pepper sprayed because the officers simply panic. We hear about shots fired before the situation has been properly surveyed. We hear about death, and horror, and more. What can we do?
This video shows a police officer in northern Alabama taking an older visitor from India to the ground. The grandfather, who is just in town helping with his sons child and doesn't speak any English, because paralyzed after the event. As you can see, he wasn't able to use his legs after being pushed to the ground, due to possible spinal injury.
While I can understand the use of some force as necessary to make sure things are safe, this was not one of those cases: the man was not trying to leave, really, just to help get him answers probably by heading to get his son. The force used was excessive for the situation, and it led to a painful injury for the man, who is now suing.
While I don't think there is much more to be said about this situation, there is something to be said about the rising number of police caused injuries. Is it that crime has become more active? Or have police officers become more reactionary? Is training failing them, or is there something else going on? I don't blame the police overall for this incident, but clearly, there is an issue that needs to be resolved.
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@drwhat @amog32 Sorry about that. I replaced it, but I don't think this video is very good and may get taken down as well--watch quick!
@nehapatel Any chance you can find the video again?
@drwhat Well put. Justl ike any other job....i just think with cops it's more important that none of them are bad, or uninformed, or at least less of them.
I don't even think this is a question anymore. There are good cops, there are bad cops, and there are uninformed cops.
Simply put: not they are not. I already saw the video before, but @nehapatel the video link seems to not be working anymore.