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Kwabs (full name: Kwabena Sarkodee Adjepong) is a breakout star from London, England who combines electronic pop with a bit of soul and R&B. The artist has 3 EPs under his belt, and is best known for his international hit 'Walk.'
Kwabs started his career in high school as the lead singer of the National Youth Jazz Orchestra. After his graduation, he studied jazz at the Royal Academy of Music. He recorded a cover of Corinne Bailey Rae's 'Like a Star' that went viral on Youtube and got him a record deal with Atlantic Records.
He is currently working on his debut album and has just released a new single: Perfect Ruin.
Whoa is voice is a lot deeper than I expected. I am sort of in love with this?
This sounds so good. It almost sounds like something Kanye West would have produced back during his Twisted Dark Fantasy days. (And that's a compliment because that album is incredible.)
Walk sort of exploded out of no where, he's certainly got an interesting sound