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Make your wedding, or any kind of invitations go full throttle in the luxe department by printing them on taffeta. In fact, using your home printer and some freezer paper, you can print on virtually any fabric with a smooth flat surface. And though a solid might work best, use your best judgement. You may find that a subtle stripe or graphic pattern would be perfect. In everything that you do, try it out and see what works best for you.
Note: Please don't use fabrics that are ruched, or that contain metal or embellishments such as lace, sequins, lurex, notions or other findings. Also, I have not tested out stretch fabrics such as lycra, illusion or spandex.
You will need:
* Freezer paper (on a roll)
* Fabric
* Iron
* Printer (ink or laser jet)
* Scissors
* Ruler
1. Check to see what size paper your printer will accept. Most will take letter and legal.
2. Cut out both the fabric and freezer paper to the same size as the file you are printing.
3. Notice the shiny and matte sides to the freezer paper.
4. Notice the right and wrong side of the taffeta. This can be a challenge at times.
5. Lay freezer paper matte (waxy) side face up.
6. Lay wrong side of fabric onto freezer paper. (Correct side of fabric is on top.)
7. Using the hottest no-steam setting, gently iron the two pieces together.
8. Place the ironed paper into your machine the same way you would to print on letterhead.
9. Print the document onto the sheet.
10. Gently peel off freezer paper. (freezer paper can be used over and over if you like.)
If you have questions about this fun project, leave a comment or send me a note. Thanks for checking this out and giving it a try. Let me know how your project turned out.
Is this for real? It's not a joke right? Because I want to do this!
Now you know I am NOT the crafty type, but this sounds really interesting.
This is pretty clever.
Lolol mope not a joke. I've actually done this. it's pretty awesome.
you should try it
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