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If you've met me, you know that I'm obsessed with Disney's Tangled. After a solid year of watching Finding Nemo every single day while doing homework or studying for exams, I moved on to Tangled! It's been a dream of mine to cosplay Rapunzel at some point, but that hasn't happened yet!
That didn't stop me from trying to turn this hair tutorial by @HairConfetti into a Rapunzel inspired look! I tried the braid, and added some accessories (like the flowers in purple and pink) and matched my earrings as well. It's a little messier than I intended it to be, but I've never been one to be able to get the frizz out of my braids!
My favorite part of this whole look, and the reason I thought to put it together, was this cute ear cuff my best friend got me for Christmas! She also got me a bracelet. The cuff was a special release in Japan, and she had a friend of ours pick it up for me! It was a really sweet gift that I know I'll be wearing all the time, especially now that I have this hairstyle to go with it!

love it
@madeleine I found one on ebay, but it was about $25! I'm not sure how much it costs in Japan! @iluvdurian31 Thank you!
@HairConfetti Thanks!! Thanks for the tutorials--I've been trying one every week or so :)
Thanks for tagging me! I love this version and you definitely rocked accessorizing the braid! :)
your hair color, the braid, and the accessories ♥
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