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Keep the Fizz in Soda Longer!
Follow these three tips to keep your soda fresh and fizzy! Keep It Cold Don't leave it in room temperature if you don't want a flat soda. The cooler it is, the better it will keep. Why? In order to keep a dissolved gas in a solution longer, that solution must be as cold as possible. Lock It Up As soon as you open up your soda bottle, pour your drinks and put the cap back on immediately, screwing it on as tightly as you can. Squeeze the Life Out of It This method is a bit odd but it definitely does the trick. After you pour some soda out of the bottle you can squeeze the bottle to remove as much excess air as you can.
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@iluvdurian31 Nope. not even.
3 years ago·Reply
i hate fizz by itself. i have to have ice.! but i love the fizz with the right amount of Ice and I'm addicted to Pepsi lol imma start doing all these ^-^
3 years ago·Reply
Keeping it upside down also helps!
3 years ago·Reply
That last part makes a lot of sense actually.
3 years ago·Reply
i like my drinks with fizz and lots of ice...thanks for the tips!!
3 years ago·Reply