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Photobook: Robert Frank // The Americans
First published in France in 1958, then in the United States in 1959, Robert Frank's The Americans changed the course of twentieth-century photography.
In 83 photographs, Frank looked beneath the surface of American life to reveal a people plagued by racism, ill-served by their politicians and rendered numb by a rapidly expanding culture of consumption. Yet he also found novel areas of beauty in simple, overlooked corners of American life. And it was not just Frank's subject matter--cars, jukeboxes and even the road itself-that redefined the icons of America; it was also his seemingly intuitive, immediate, off-kilter style, as well as his method of brilliantly linking his photographs together thematically, conceptually, formally and linguistically, that made The Americans so innovative. More of an ode or a poem than a literal document, the book is as powerful and provocative today as it was 56 years ago.
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Amazing body of work. It's amazing how well this book has stood up to the time!
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@dillonk Definitely! His work will always be great!
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