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Hello to all my friends! (T∇T)ノ Anyone excited about V-day? I'm so excited for tomorrow, my family and I are planning a picnic at the park with yummy bentos! Do you have any special plans? Whatever your plans, I hope all of your V-day is great and special! So another V-day theme Bento/lunch. Aren't the Seals KAWAII? (`▽´) Okay let's goooo! =¯ω¯= ♥Seals: Turkey sandwich with Spinach and Mayo ( use sandwich press).Pinwheels sandwiches are the same but wrapped in a Tortilla. ♥Next: Cucumber with Lemon juice and Chilli powder with a Hard Boiled Egg (egg molder and food coloring ♥Last: Mozzarella Cheese (Babybel is the brand [I used a cookie cutter for the heart ]) with an Orange I hope you and a special someone Have or Had a great lunch! (ノ^^)乂(^^ )ノ And Thanks for taking the time to check out my card! Gigiヾ(^_^)
The seals are so cute. I just bought some new egg molds recently, and I think that bear is one of them! I'm excited to see how my eggs turn out. :)
What are the cute little cheeks on the seals made of?!
I love the heart cheese wheel. So simple!
this is lovely! ♥ i will be spending my v day with my sisters. thanks for sharing!
@ danidee super Awesome! can't wait to see what you create!
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