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These guys came in today and I'm exciting to try them out. Can't wait for some less windy and warmer weather. I know a good amount of you are against shark wheels but I got a deal on the two sets after talking to a guy from shark wheel. I really think with what they say that it'd be good for people who have rougher paths and roads. I'm putting them on my pintail for cruising and I like to go through dirt paths so I'll definitely test if they handle rough terrain well. I'll post my setup once I regrip my board. Set up: 34" bamboo pintail (brand unknown) Gullwing mission 1 stock bushings Reds bones bearings And of course what this post was about 70mm 78a translucent green shark wheels
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Lol they are round and they are for just cruising or long distance pump
3 years ago·Reply
They pretty awesome but the get torn up pretty fast if you slide
3 years ago·Reply
I want a detailed reveiw
3 years ago·Reply
let me know how it works for you
3 years ago·Reply
My opinion, and I have never owned any so I'm assuming, is that they have potential as rain wheels but once you slide the contact patch flat they're just like any other wheel of that duro but with a goofy edge
3 years ago·Reply