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Ear cuffs seem to be the latest fashion accessory from the red carpet to the street. Celebrities and fashion bloggers are seen wearing them to casual and formal events. If you are looking to try out a new look this would be a glam addition to your every-growing stash. These ear cuffs are designed to match any fashion style (minimalist or rocker chic). Below is a list of my favorites! Rhaegal Ear Cuffs ($34)
Game of throne fan this is one is for you. Doesn't the feathered winged metallic adornment remind you of dragon wings? Tip: Wear it with this braided hairstyle.
This style is similar to above but more graceful. Perfect for dates, weddings and a night out on the town.
Two personality in one. Elegant on the bottom but a party up top. The best of both world?
I love mixing and matching and this stud cuff set makes it easy to try out a new look every time.
Perfect for class and work. This delicate set comes with two sets of earrings: a simple stud and a starry ear crawler.
Which one is your favorite and will you try this new trend?
I've been wearing it since several years ago. I am glad more and more people are appreciating it now :)
@mikayla That one is my favorite!
The last one is stunning without being too flamboyant.
@alise You're on top of things.