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Comment if you like this summary. It will encourage me a lot. :) _____________________________________________________ Flashback when Yuki called Tohru saying she wanted to straighten things out. Tohru agreed and said he wanted to meet her one last time. Yuki is disappointed saying she believed in him and yet...Tohru said he needed time and material to persuade Yuki. Apparently after talking to Yuki, Tohru frantically thought about what he could do for her. For now all he could think of is destroying the peeping data and taking revenge on the guys who filmed it. There are photos of the guys who are behind the incident got beaten up by Tohru (I would say this guy is the one you have to beware of!) He asked if Yuki felt a little bit better. Then he went on about how this place was the place they used to go often as kids and for him it's like their secret hideout. He talked about how they used to play in the mountains, climb trees, and catch bugs. He thought she would always be by his side and asked "You also feel the same right?" He held her hand and said let's go back to the way we were before and we'll be able to put everything back together. Back to Utsumi and company, they decide to split up to look for the place. I didn't know the girl who had a crush on Utsumi also went! The cool and composed guy (forgot his name) asked her what's wrong since she's staring at Utsumi. She said, "It's impudent of me to say this at such a time but he looks so cool…" Guess she's still not over Utsumi yet :( . Hope she'll get together with the other guy. They look good together >__< . Ah then that guy said, " Perhaps the one who made him like that is Kurokawa." They found an abandoned cottage but nobody is there. They start to get worried as it will be difficult to search when the sun sets. Riko says she'll call the photographer lady for help since she often comes here to take pictures. The photographer lady said she'll go meet them there. She told them in the back of the mountain there's an abandoned factory so they might be there. The group met up with her and they found the place. They started calling out for Yuki who heard Utsumi's voice and ran to the door. Tohru held her back saying he still hasn't heard her reply and please say that she'll stay by his side. Yuki hesitated (why!??!!) Utsumi decided to climb in from the rooftop while inside, Yuki: Tohru, all you do is demanding things from me. The person who is by my side now is someone who always cares about me. He always asks, are you ok, is it painful. He's someone who worries about me. Even if you tell me all your demand and wishes I don't feel anything hearing those words. You ignore my feelings and lock me up in this kind of place. Just what is it that you want!? Tohru: Yuki... Just then Yuki smiles as she sees Utsumi on the rooftop screaming Yuki!!!! End of Ch 150! Wow they finally reunites! Hope that psychotic jerk Tohru isnt gonna try something funny and get some sense into his head Ch 151 Spoiler Summary: You can read the scan here
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summary is finished! ah i love this chapter so much. looking forward to next chapter. I'm updating the scans now :)
you're welcome :)
somehow this made happy after reading the spoilers of nice guy last two episodes
thank you!!!
summary in progress :)
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