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GE Good Ending Ch 150 Raw Spoiler Summary

Comment if you like this summary. It will encourage me a lot. :) _____________________________________________________ Flashback when Yuki called Tohru saying she wanted to straighten things out. Tohru agreed and said he wanted to meet her one last time. Yuki is disappointed saying she believed in him and yet...Tohru said he needed time and material to persuade Yuki. Apparently after talking to Yuki, Tohru frantically thought about what he could do for her. For now all he could think of is destroying the peeping data and taking revenge on the guys who filmed it. There are photos of the guys who are behind the incident got beaten up by Tohru (I would say this guy is the one you have to beware of!) He asked if Yuki felt a little bit better. Then he went on about how this place was the place they used to go often as kids and for him it's like their secret hideout. He talked about how they used to play in the mountains, climb trees, and catch bugs. He thought she would always be by his side and asked "You also feel the same right?" He held her hand and said let's go back to the way we were before and we'll be able to put everything back together. Back to Utsumi and company, they decide to split up to look for the place. I didn't know the girl who had a crush on Utsumi also went! The cool and composed guy (forgot his name) asked her what's wrong since she's staring at Utsumi. She said, "It's impudent of me to say this at such a time but he looks so cool…" Guess she's still not over Utsumi yet :( . Hope she'll get together with the other guy. They look good together >__< . Ah then that guy said, " Perhaps the one who made him like that is Kurokawa." They found an abandoned cottage but nobody is there. They start to get worried as it will be difficult to search when the sun sets. Riko says she'll call the photographer lady for help since she often comes here to take pictures. The photographer lady said she'll go meet them there. She told them in the back of the mountain there's an abandoned factory so they might be there. The group met up with her and they found the place. They started calling out for Yuki who heard Utsumi's voice and ran to the door. Tohru held her back saying he still hasn't heard her reply and please say that she'll stay by his side. Yuki hesitated (why!??!!) Utsumi decided to climb in from the rooftop while inside, Yuki: Tohru, all you do is demanding things from me. The person who is by my side now is someone who always cares about me. He always asks, are you ok, is it painful. He's someone who worries about me. Even if you tell me all your demand and wishes I don't feel anything hearing those words. You ignore my feelings and lock me up in this kind of place. Just what is it that you want!? Tohru: Yuki... Just then Yuki smiles as she sees Utsumi on the rooftop screaming Yuki!!!! End of Ch 150! Wow they finally reunites! Hope that psychotic jerk Tohru isnt gonna try something funny and get some sense into his head Ch 151 Spoiler Summary: You can read the scan here
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summary is finished! ah i love this chapter so much. looking forward to next chapter. I'm updating the scans now :)
you're welcome :)
somehow this made happy after reading the spoilers of nice guy last two episodes
thank you!!!
summary in progress :)
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GE Good Ending Ch 152 Raw Spoiler Summary
Tohru and Riko went back to Nagano. They decided not to contact the police. Riko called Utsumi and told him about Tohru's condition. Tohru just stayed quiet most of the time but they also had normal conversation. Riko said they'll be fine and promised to to their best. The kouhai kid went to his best friend's house and talked about Yuki and Utsumi and how he thought the look good together. Aww poor kid cried. Looks like Yuki was his first love. Shou went out somewhere and saw her ex college bf waiting for her. Shou told him it was his fault that destroyed her relationship with Utsumi. Shou turned to leave but Her ex yelled out after her saying he'll wait for her until she comes to him Utsumi and Yuki went home together after the tennis match. Yuki apologized to Utsumi for indirectly caused him to not be able to participate in the match. Yuki told Utsumi that she appreciated everything he did and it was thanks to him that she was able to came back safely. Finally they can be happy! Utsumi took Yuki home. Yuki took off Utsumi's eye bandage and kissed him there. Yuki: I love you. I really love you. I'm glad that I fell in love with you from the bottom of my heart. This is such an adorable scene. I'm so happy these two can find true happiness once again. Hopefully nothing can tear them apart. However! Yuki came ohme and was surprised to see her father there! Looks like the 2 of them will be torn apart again?!?! Or Utsumi will somehow persuade Yuki's father! At least this manga won't be ending soon Ch 153 spoiler summary Next chapter will be out on 11/30
GE Good Ending Ch 155 Raw Spoiler Summary
Read the raw here: Part 1: Part 2: Ch 156: The chapter begins with Yuki's mom reminiscing the first time she met her husband. She felt envious of Yuki who was able to experience love. Ah I guess it's like that back in the day with the arranged marriage and everything. Yuki is the split image of her mom!! I'd love to see Yuki with braided hair too! Her dad was quite a handsome man but now he's just an obstinate old man >_< The maid came to the hut where Utsumi is and delivered a note from Yuki's mother. The location of Yuki's room is written inside the note. Utsumi thought about what Yuki said about running away with her and wonder what he should do. Utsumi saw the ring necklace on the floor and resolved to go get his girl! Utsumi came through the window, "Yuki! I came to steal you away!" (Well, technically he said "I came to pick you up" but just for the sake of our drama being more dramatic lol) . Utsumi, "Let's run away together!" This gotta be the sweetest scene ever! The servant noticed them and let Yuki's father know. They were gonna chase the 2 by car but the tire was flat. Yuki's father got angry and asked if it was Yuki's mother's doing. Yuki's mother said they should let Yuki go and it was Yuki who chose to go with Utsumi. In the end, she said, "That child is not our possession." What a great mom! The two of them went to a beach. Utsumi started staying many things had happened since they met each other. Yuki wonder if the Seij she met for the first time would think if he could see the current Seij. Yuki asked if Utsumi wont change his mind. Utsumi shook his head and said if he didn't take Yuki away he would have regretted for the rest of his life. Yuki smiled and said nothing can compare the happiness of having the person whom she wants to stay by his side the most chose her and took her hand. "Even if tomorrow won't come and this world disappears, as long as you're with me I can keep going until the end." Utsumi smiled and opened his arm. Yuki ran toward him and they embraced each other and the chapter ends with a kiss~~ This is such a lovely scene. I can really feel their strong feelings toward each other. Next chapter and also last will be out this friday 12/28.
GE Good Ending Ch 154 Raw Spoiler Summary
Yuki's father said he won't let Utsumi meet with Yuki and told the maid not to answer to anyone who wants to meet Yuki (is he trying to imprison her??!!). Utsumi is determined to meet Yuki and talk to her properly. He decides to wait for Yuki in front of her house but the police showed up and he ran away (hmm a little bit of stalker-like there ^^;) Utsumi sent Yuki a text asking her to meet him in a cottage in the mountain where he would be waiting for her (hmm I'm sensing some sexy scenes ahead XD). Yuki hugged Ustumi the moment she saw him. Yuki told Utsumi, "Throw everything away, take me and elope together" Then she smiled and said, "Just kidding~" Utsumi and Yuki embraced each other and lied down (that's all they did haha). Yuki said she wanted to stay like this for awhile. Shou is walking home and saw a couple. She got teary eyes thinking of the memories Utsumi and she had. Then she saw her ex sitting in the rain waiting for her. The guy said he thought about her a lot and wanted to see her. Looks like they will get back together. I don't really like Shou but I think this is the best option for her. Hope she'll be happy and move on soon. Yuki left telling Utsumi to go back. She thanked him for everything and said she won't ever forget him. (seriously, I'm starting to dislike Yuki now!!) Utsumi didn't leave and still stayed at the cottage. The maid showed up. Looks like she will tell him something. I'm curious hmmm Ch 155 will be out on 12/14
GE Good Ending Ch 153 Raw Spoiler Summary
Utsumi is shocked to find out from the homeroom teacher that Yuki has transferred school due to "family circumstance." Nobody knows what happened and they wonder why Yuki didn't say anything to them. Utsumi calls Yuki and she picks up the phone but just says she's fine and tells him not to worry. But it's strange the way she says it like it's a goodbye forever "I caused you a lot of trouble…Thanks for everything up until now." Yuki hung up and evil dad appears asking who she was talking to and said didn't I tell you to cut off all relationship with other people. Argh why is he so mean??!?!?!! Yuki just apologize >__< . I hope Utsumi came and just take her away haha. Utsumi and his friends decide to find out the truth so they show up at Ryou's house and ask him. Looks like the cause is the kidnapping incident after all. Utsumi decides to go see Yuki in Nagano so he asks his parents to let him take a break from school. That's the man for you! I really like all the things Utsumi wants to do for Yuki. Now I can completely forgive him for dating Shou His father supports Utsumi after seeing his determined son. His mother is against it but his father says seeing such determined eyes in his son for the first time makes him really happy. Utsumi went to Yuki's house and met her father. Utsumi is about to introduce himself but her father just cut him off and said he doesn't care who Utsumi is since he won't let them meet anyway and tell Utsumi to go back. End of Ch 153 Wow I wonder what Utsumi will do. Knowing him he wont just go back. This is like Romeo and Juliet lol. I really wanna say just let them be happy already. Yuki also needs to get a grip and just elope with Utsumi haha Ch 154 raw spoiler
GE Good Ending Ch 147 Raw Summary
You can read the raw here The tennis club is at their training camp. The kouhai kid (forgot his name) suggested they do a test of courage game. Other members hesitated but gave in since the kid was so excited about it. His aim was to show off in front of Yuki and score some points. But he got scared and ran away leaving Yuki alone. Utsumi tried to scare Yuki but ended up getting hurt by her (lol). Utsumi suggested that they go together. As they were walking, Yuki brought up the topic regarding Shou and Utsumi's break-up. She said even though he told her she has nothing to do with their break-up looking at his face she could tell it was not true. She's thankful that he's worried about her but she doesn't feel easy that the two of them who were lovely dovey broke up just like that. Utsumi said that he couldn't keep doing things half-heartedly. He remembered what Yuki told him before about having half-hearted feelings. It wasn't because while going out with Shou he wasn't able to support Yuki emotionally. Either way he felt it was his fault. He might be wrong but it is his decision and he just did what he wanted to do. Yuki started talking about Tohru and how he was bullied as a kid before. Tohru approached her and invited her to hang out and go to places together. She also told Ustumi how they started going out. While listening to Yuki who was talking about Tohru, Utsumi felt happy that she opened up to him and relied on him more. Utsumi decided that he wanted to support her and see her smiling face again. But there was something unexpected about to happen… End of Ch 147 Chapter 148 summary
GE Good Ending Ch 149 Raw Spoiler Summary
Utsumi got a call from Yuki's cousin asking if she isn't at his place. Utsumi is confused and doesn't get what's going on. Yuki's cousin tells him she hasn't been back since yesterday. Utsumi goes to Yuki's house. It seems she went out yesterday afternoon and has been missing since then. Yuki's cousin asks if Utsumi really has no clue. Utsumi has no idea where Yuki might go but suddenly thinks of something and makes a call to Riko. He asks her for Tohru's phone number and tells her Yuki has been missing. Riko says she'll contact Tohru and lets him know. Later Riko tells Utsumi that Tohru doesn't pick up her call. Riko says she'll come to Tohru's dorm to check up on him and Utsumi says he'll go with her. The dorm manager says she recalls him went out yesterday but since it's school break so she thought he might have gone back to his hometown. Yuki's cousin thinks the two of them disappearing on the same day might have connection with each other. Riko cries and apologizes saying that she feels sorry for her brother that's why she told him about Yuki but didn't think he would have done something like this. Utsumi tells her it's ok, rather than getting upset he needs to do something. He won't let go of Yuki's hands ever again. Utsumi contacts his friends and they meet up. They think about various places the two of them could went. It's possible she's confined somewhere. Utsumi lost his composure and asks Riko to think of all the places Tohru could go. Riko says there's a place the 3 of them used to go so it's possible they might be there. They decide to go there and the kouhai kid asks what the relationship between Utsumi and Yuki really is. Utsumi says he'll tell him but the priority now is Yuki since she might get killed! The kid calls his mom and one of the ladies at the bar come pick them up in the van. Utsumi thinks to himself, "please be safe, Yuki!" At some abandoned building in the mountain, Tohru gives Yuki some bread that says "Hokkaido" on it. So they must be in Hokkaido now. He asks her how long will she be like that and why she can't understand him. Argghhhh, what a crepe. I hope they'll find him soon. At least Yuki looks safe here. Next chapter will be out on 11/8 or 9. Ch 150 Summary: Here are links to the raw Thanks to soula81 and Stoneflick :)