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Kim Hyun Joong is staying on with Bae Yong Jun and his agency. Kim Hyun Joong has signed on with Bae Yong Jun’s Key East agency once again after the singer/actor first signed on with Key East in June of 2010. Despite there still being ample time before his current contract expires, Kim Hyun Joong signaled his intent to continue with the Key East family, leading to the extension of his contract. Kim Hyun Joong is viewed by Key East as a “successor” to Bae Yong Jun as the next-generation hallyu star and the continued partnership is expected to take Kim Hyun Joong to new heights in Asia. Kim Hyun Joong has been keeping busy with both his music and acting career and is currently shooting as the lead of the drama City Conquest. The drama has already been picked up by KBS and will likely premiere in March of next year.